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You may choose an item from each section and/or multiple items from each section. You do not have to choose something from every section. Choosing multiple items from one section will expand the return to items with both categories. Choosing an item from another category will restrict all other fields to those categories. For example, if you choose Abah’s Watch and Dark Brotherhood under Style, you will see all Abah’s Watch and Dark Brotherhood items. Choosing Medium under Armor Weight will restrict the return to all Abah’s Watch and Dark Brotherhood medium armor items. Adding Male under Gender will show only male images, etc.

Click the “x” next to the category name to delete an item from the filter. Please be aware that the more items you choose, the narrower the filter results to the point it may not return any items at all. Use fewer categories for better results, especially those dealing with item appearance.

NOTE: While Style shows the total number of armor and weapons on the site, choosing it in either filter will only show the appropriate item type. To see all items, use the Search box.